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Carson's Corner | Hello Scottie Friends!

Hello Scottie Friends,

Just a quick report to let you know of an important event in your life that you want to make sure your owners don’t miss. This shouldn’t be hard. After, humans are all about special days - Christmas (delicious snacks for a month), Halloween (candy!), Easter (more candy) and July 4th (the worst: firecrackers). Somehow on their calendars they can still manage, however, to overlook the biggest day of all: Gotcha Day!

Gotcha Day is the day we got our rescue assignment and went to work on our humans, saving them from themselves, and from the horror of having more carrots than they can eat. For me, that was three years ago today. What a day that was! I remember the Master and Sweet Wife being introduced to me and we had a good talk about who would be in charge now (me), who would run things (me) and who would everyone would cater to (me). With that settled we headed to their house. My oh my - everything was in a perfect mess. No one had peed the mailbox for years, people didn’t understand the importance of rolling down a window so the Scottie dog can stick his nose out in the wind, and - shudder - there was no snack plate ritual. But I went right to work and got things well in paw very quickly.

So Gotcha Day is when we celebrate all our rescue efforts. It’s a milestone. It’s an anniversary. It’s a great excuse to get extra food! The Master and Sweet Wife began today with a big “Good morning Carson, do you know what day it is?” Of course I knew. Dogs keep pretty limited date books, after all. Mine has National Carrot Eating Day, National Cucumber Eating Day and National Give Your Dog Snacks Day in it ... and that’s about it. And Gotcha Day. I consulted my planner and sure enough, today is the day. They immediately kicked the celebration off with some extra snacks. That’s how every day should start, yes?

The Master then announced that because it was Gotcha Day I would be given the entire day off and I could nap all day long! Wowzer! What a treat! Usually I work like a dog (ha ha - get it?) the whole day, which means I am keeping a very close eye on the Master while napping. Yes, I know. It sounds like I do the same thing on my day off as I do with a day on, but that’s because you don’t understand the Scottie Dog Alert & Warning System. When I’m working I set my Scottie Sense to “HIGH” so that any movement of the Master - going to the bathroom, getting the keys to go somewhere, opening the fridge door - sets off my Scottie alarms (even while I am napping). I immediately zoom over to see what he is doing and if I need to be doing it too. On a day off I set my Scottie Sense to “LOW” so that any movement of the Master - going to the bathroom or getting keys - just causes me to watch carefully to see if I need to zoom over there. If he opens the fridge I’m zooming - that’s not just not something you can ever take time off from!

So a full day napping, and then at supper time Master and Sweet Wife announced we were going to the taco place that has a dog porch (excellent!) and I got rice and potatoes for supper. Uh-mazing! Then we went to the park where we walked and I told all the dogs I met that I was completely in charge of them, including the two giant Pit Bulls who were approximately the size of rhinoceroses and certainly less friendly. The Master didn’t seem too pleased with this but even on a day off I still sovereign of the world! For all of this, we were riding in the Jeep with the top off and the windows down. Here comes the wind in my ears. It was wonderful. It was a spectacular day! It’s the day I got my family and I’m loving it! Family, Jeep, walking, food. I’m glad I have a Gotcha Day!

So don’t let your family miss out on the chance to celebrate you. Mark Gotcha Day on the calendar in big red letters ... it’ll be so much fun you’ll need an extra nap. Which I’m going to take right now...

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