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Carson's Corner| We got a puppy!

You think you’ve seen excitement? We’ve got more excitement over here than when the butcher shop gives out free bones!

We got a puppy. Even more, it’s a human puppy!

More accurately, Dear Daughter 1 and husband (and her dogs and my best friends Wolf and Bear) got themselves a human pup. I’m not sure if he’s a rescue or from a breeder but he’s a little guy, about the size of a new beagle. He doesn’t do a whole lot yet but the way folks talk about him you’d think he could plant and harvest his own carrots. And I don’t think he can walk much but that doesn’t seem to be a worry because they haven’t set him down on the floor even once. I’m kinda concerned his legs aren’t going to develop!

His name is Maddox and I would have to say, as far as human pups go he is a cutie (with this caveat: where’s the fur?! He’s practically naked except his head!). But the Master is sold Sold SOLD on him. He likes to hold him and carry him and hold him some more. Sometimes Sweet Wife jumps in and tries to hold him too but the Master doesn’t seem to like that very much. He smiles a little but he’s not fooling me. I know better. Much better. It doesn’t take long at all and he says “I think I’d better hold him now” or “It’s my turn.” Then Sweet Wife isn’t happy. Puppies! What are you going to do?! Well ... what we’re going to do is talk about the pros and cons of this new human puppy.

First, on the plus side, everyone is holding him which means they aren’t holding me. Talk about your upside! Last weekend Dear Daughter 2 came to see me (and coincidentally, the human pup). About her favorite thing in the world is to cuddle me, which is about my least favorite thing in the world. She puts the snuggle in cuddles, let me tell you. Not this time! Maddox ran interference for me and I was not snagged nary a time! I love Maddox so much! #besties #bff

Second, and put this down on the “con” side, he is not housebroken. Not at all. No one seems to concerned about this but it can make for quite the smelly situation. They’ve strapped some kind of contraption to his hindquarters called a “diaper” but that isn’t helping much. This is just another reminder of the infamous double standard humans have when it comes to us dogs. If a dog makes a mistake indoors I don’t think people will coo and giggle about how “he made a doodle!” Why don’t they teach him to use the dog door like I do?

Thirdly, can he howl!? Yes he can! It’s not exactly a proper AROOOO yet but he does know how to get your attention. When his world isn’t right - and this usually has to do with that diaper business - he can stop the world right promptly. It’s pretty impressive, I must say. Nobody ignores the Maddox pup! If he wants to eat, they feed him. I don’t mean “Wait till supper time” either. Oh no. Maddox gets food right away. I’m going to talk to him about his howl because I think he could really help me out. I certainly wouldn’t mind howling and getting fed ASAP!

Fourthly, he is a napping beast. I haven’t seen his papers but he’s got to have some Scottie in him. He naps practically all the time - like me! For a Master Napper to see someone so young and already so well established at napping ... well, it makes me almost misty eyed. This pup has potential. He’s got the right stuff in the snoozing department.

So what’s the verdict? A lot of people have said “You better look out Carson, your Master won’t pay you any mind now that Maddox is here.” You know what I think of that? I think people who imagine that somehow this pup will crowd me out of the Master’s life are dumber than a fat dog trying to fly. You see - this is a heart thing. Humans aren’t always good with this but us dogs all know. When you love something you don’t have to kick something else out to make room. Love makes your heart bigger. That’s what rescuing a dog does, doesn’t it? You don’t love others less, you take a new dog in and you love the dog and everybody else even more. That’s because love makes your heart bigger. The first time I saw the Master hold that pup I saw it: his heart was growing. You know what? I think mine is too. I like the little pup. He’s fine by me. He’s just doing a great job of making everyone’s heart bigger!

What I really like is that warm and happy smile the Master has on his face when he holds him. There’s just something special about this little human puppy. The Master says he is grand and he is! Especially, since it is my job is to get the Master looking that way as much as possible then I think this Maddox is about the best thing since cucumbers came back into season. I say “Welcome human puppy! We’re going to make a great pack of dogs together! Did I mention the youngest dog always share his carrots with the pack leader?”

It is exciting. We got us a pup to train. He does seem a wee bit stubborn so there’s something to work with in there. Whew. This will be a big job.

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