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Carson's Corner | From the archives ... the New Year's Scottie ....

So here it is New Year’s Eve and Carson casually wandered into the kitchen while - and I’m sure this was purest coincidence - I was fixing a sandwich. He mentioned “I just wonder if you have ever heard the legend of the New Year Scottie?”

While I most certainly try to keep up with all the goings on in Scotland, I had to admit that I had not. Fortunately, Carson was more than glad to fill in all the details...

“Aye, a long time ago in the land of my fathers ...”

“Aye?! Did you really say ‘Aye?’ Since when do you have a Scottish accent, Car?”

“Are ye daft man? Looka’ me! I’m a Scott! From the old country. Now let me finish! Aye, a long time ago in the land of my fathers, the home of the Scots, on the far highlands when times were hard there was always hope in the hearts of the people. From whence was this hope? It most certainly did not come from listening to bagpipe music. It came from ...

The New Year Scottie!

Everyone knew that on the New Year’s Eve, if they had been kind and gentle to dogs all year long, they might receive a visit from the famed New Year Scottie. He would go forth on that even, searching far and wide for the home that was the most sincere and true in its love for all God’s creatures (excluding cats, of course). When he found that home he would happily greet its owners and spread Auld Lang Syne and speak of Dick Clark and generally bring authentic

holiday cheer. In turn, the owners would set a bountiful feast for the New Year Scottie of carrots and meat and carrots. Then the New Year Scottie would bless that home with good fortune for the entire coming year. Aye, what a joy to have the New Year Scottie it twould be!”

I wasn’t sure I was buying this. “What about that Dick Clark part. I thought this was ancient legend.”

“I think you’ll have to agree Dick Clark goes pretty far back.”

Well, he had me there. So I said “This sounds a lot like the Great Pumpkin. Have you been watching Charlie Brown again?”

“Aye, you are daft! That was October. This is now! And you don’t want to think about what happens to a home that doesn’t welcome the New Year Scottie!” He raised his back leg in a very threatening way.

“Okay, okay - I get it. I’ll keep watch for the New Year Scottie. Maybe he’ll come here and I can give him some of my sammich.”

“What? KEEP WATCH? No, no - the New Year’s Scottie IS HERE NOW. My laddie, you’re slower than a basset hound traipsing through molasses. Don’t you see? I’m the New Year Scottie! I’m here to bless this house ... IF there is a feast!”

And with that understood we set down to a New Year’s Eve banquet of carrots and marshmallows and dog food and even a little bit of sammich. And the New Year Scottie promised blessings in 2019 for this home and indeed, for all his friends on NTSR. And then, quite worn out from his duties being the New Year Scottie ... he welcomed the new year with a nap. Happy New Year!

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